Barbie Wellness Barbie's Spa Day Playset

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    Barbie Wellness Barbie's Spa Gn Play Set Barbie Wellness Create fun stories with Barbie's Spa Gn Play Set! With this spa-themed playset, Barbie doll enjoys her favorite relaxation method - a bubble bath. The set includes a Barbie doll, puppy, hot tub and accessories for a real dog bath. Fill the tub with water, place the Barbie doll in it and add one of the five glitter foam packs in the set to turn the water off. Just like a spa! Barbie; He will relax with accessories such as bathtub tray, bath products, bath fiber, back brush and towel. With a wooden-looking shelf complete with a panda flower pot, the spa is ready to radiate calmness. There are many areas for the dog to sit and places to display accessories. Fun games are much easier now, thanks to the handles on some coins that the baby can grasp. Barbie doll wears a swimsuit with a towel wrapped around her waist. It's extra flexible to get real poses and add movement to games. Girls can add all Barbie health dolls to their collections to take care of themselves and expand their world because girls can imagine anything they want when playing with Barbie! In the set; Includes a towel-wrapped Barbie doll, puppy, tub, spa shelf, five glitter kpk packs, and accessories. Kids get to practice grooming while helping Barbie relax with spa-themed playsets and experience the Kpk bath, a personal care classic. Barbie in a swimsuit and a towel wrapped around her waist; Thanks to the 15 "joints" it has in the neck, elbows, wrists, hips, hips, knees and ankles, it gives more necessary poses. Age Group: 3+ Age Barcode: 887961814231 Item No: MATE-GJN32 Box ls: 15.9 x 8.9 x 24 cm. Desi Value: 1
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